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Kamis, 03 Desember 2009

If the Charge is not Functioning

BlackBerry Curve 8330 Home/Travel ChargerThere are several possible damage if the Charge does not function: The damage occurred on the rechargeable device (charger) battery itself, try your charger on tools other similar device to find broken or not. Battery on your phone is broken so that battery can no longer be refilled. Check whether the connectors on the battery recharging your phone is still good. Then we had to check and test on the phone itself.

  1. If your phone screen appears the message "Not Charging" or cell phone refill process (charging), but indicators of the rechargeable battery run without filling or refilling process (charging), but the indicator remained silent refill it has its Charge IC damaged. Replace with new IC Charge
  2. The phone is finished rechargeable (battery full), but the indicator remained refills keep going, then his power IC damaged. Replace with new Power IC
  3. The phone is not in a state rechargeable (charge), but the indicators continue to refill the road, then the software (SW) is damaged. Perform reprogram (flash) on the phone with the same version.
  4. The phone will be performed every refill process (charge) is always dead, so IC IC Power Charge or damaged. Perform inspection and further testing on the phone to determine whether or IC Charge IC Power and replace damaged or IC Charge IC Power is damaged.
  5. After recharge (charge) phone with a charger, no leaks before the electrical power-on button is pressed, when you press the power button-on, the phone does not work. The cause of the problem is electrical leakage in power supply capacity. The goal remains IC Power, IC UI, PA IC connected to the voltage batteryt VBATT, the units are often damaged and can bring problems is Power IC, IC UI. Because IC Power is BGA, which is integrated IC, then the method is usually done is to release IC UI, then recharge (charge) returned the phone, see if there kobocoran electricity. If not, then IC UI damaged; if any, means that the damaged IC Power. Problems completed, after the replacement of IC described above.
  6. We recharge (charge) phone, then press the ON button, but the phone is off, no electrical current into the phone. If so then do measurements on the R224, if the ends do not have the VBAT voltage 3.2 V, IC Power is damaged or there is a poor soldering on the IC power. Power IC Replace damaged or re-doing soldering on the IC Power
  7. Try to re-flash the way your phone

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If The Phone Signal is Not Stable

Sinyal_Ponsellvery frustrating if we have a phone but the signal is not stable. some time there, at a time when others did not exist.

If you have a signal on the phone is not stable, sometimes strong, sometimes weak.
Please follow the steps I wrote in this post.

Repair procedures:

  1. Check whether the phone can be used to search the network manually. If the phone can not find the network manually, the RF IC (HAGAR) damaged, replace the RF IC (HAGAR).
  2. Also check whether the path to the PA IC was not broken.
  3. If the phone on the other hand can find the network manually, the PA IC damaged, replace the IC PA.
  4. After the hardware of the phone has been tested and improved, but problems still arise, we need to reprogram / flash again phone software according to the type and version of the phone or with a newer version than the previous phone software version.
  5. Turn on your phone, then your phone will function normally again.

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Jumat, 13 November 2009

Indonesia would be BlackBerry users So Largest State

Blackberry Family

Believe it or not, in the near future of Indonesia will be a country with the BlackBerry smart phone users in the world's largest. Until mid-2009 alone, the number of mobile phone users Research in Motion (RIM) had already reached the figure of 300-400 thousand subscribers.

Should not be asked about growth, last year sped up the phone close to 500 percent. Though user numbers are still below the United States and Canada who averaged one million but is projected Indonesia will not take long to catch it.

Indosat's Chief Marketing Officer, Guntur Siboro, believe, BlackBerry users in Indonesia will occupy the highest position in the world soon. "I think Indonesia would soon exceed the U.S. and Canada," he said.

From the consumer side, RIM has basically a soft market to "play" in Indonesia. Not just corporate market, consumer market begins to make the BlackBerry as "the most wanted" handsets in the country.

There are even some people who would apply for Personal Loan (KTA) to the banks to simply satisfy a desire for a dream mobile phones, the BlackBerry smart.

First introduced in mid-December 2004 by the operator Indosat and the company makes the BlackBerry Starhub no immediate difficulties for the lovers win a mobile phone in Indonesia.

Not long ago, and then rang the BlackBerry market by two other major operators in the country namely Celcom and Telkomsel. Celcom offers two service options, namely the BlackBerry Internet Service and BlackBerry Enterprise Server + (BES +).

Cell Phones Natrindo (Axis) are reluctant to miss enjoying the sweetness of the cake business BlackBerry services in Indonesia. In the middle of this year, the service was launched a BlackBerry-based services very attractive.

Smart Telecom and Hutchison CP Telecom (Tri / 3) ready to become the next operator, and merge into RIM partners.

"For our BlackBerry is in the process of assessment with RIM (Research in Motion)," said Deputy General Manager of New Business Services / Product Innovations Hutchison CP Telecom Indonesia, Hiro Wardana.

He admitted, Tri did not become the first operator to offer BlackBerry service, but it ensures that the service provided it has no added value offered by other operators. Own party BlackBerry market rate in Indonesia is very interesting, dynamic, and a special phenomenon.

In a different corridor, Telkom (Flexi), Bakrie Telecom and Mobile-8 Telecom has also declared himself interested enough to fill the same market. So, be ensured by increasing the number of service providers, the market will increasingly fascinating BlackBerry in Indonesia.

BlackBerry to be one of the most desirable handsets in Indonesia. The smart phone has become a symbol of status and prestige to raise the value of its users.

"Only in Indonesia, the BlackBerry is used by non-corporate users when in other countries, the BlackBerry is used for corporate purposes," said PR manager Hutchison CP Telecom, Arum K. Prasodjo.

Unfortunately, despite the growth of BlackBerry in Indonesia market extraordinary rapid, RIM did not immediately respond to open service center with a variety of reasons and considerations that are difficult to understand.

RIM to BlackBerry handsets seem to be stunning with incredible arrogance because treated like a king in the share perponselan homeland.

If the government through the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Depkominfo) did not press the company to immediately open a service center with a proposal to freeze the import certification, opening branches in Indonesia RIM as much fire from the roast.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Depkominfo) with the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulation Agency (BRTI) office wants RIM-Authorized Repair Facility in Jakarta more than a similar offices in other countries in Asia negala, considering the growth of BlackBerry in Indonesia recorded the highest in this region.

"BRTI Administrator and RIM wants to capacity-Authorized Repair Facility in Jakarta this must be greater than in the countries around Asia, given the growth of BlackBerry in Indonesia recorded the highest in Asia," said Chief Information Center and Public Relations Administrator, Gatot S. Dewa Broto.

According to him, RIM-Authorized Repair Facility in Jakarta, which opened late in August 2009 should be a total solution, just as the international requirements.

Thus, if there is a handset that suffered severe damage does not need to be sent to the RIM-Authorized Repair Facility in another country closest to Indonesia.


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